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LS Brand Exposure offers in house digitizing, embroidery, screening, twill sewing and embossing.  To ensure prompt delivery dates, please adhere to the following guidelines when sending artwork:

Cresting Lead Time Parameters:

Please allow 5 to 10 business days if a pre-production swatch or product proof is required.  Production times are based on receiving quality artwork.

Artwork charges - When does the customer have no artwork charges?

To have no artwork charges we require a vector file or adobe Illustrator.

Charges for artwork - When does the Customer get charged for artwork and how much?

The customer gets charged for artwork when they do not provide a vector file or an adobe illustrator file. The charge of the artwork varies depending on how detailed the logo is.  We charge $50.00 per hour.

Set Up Charges - When does a customer pay for set up charges?

Set up charges only apply to garments that are screened.  Call LS Brand Exposure at 905-532-9797 for a quote.

Charges for a logo with no artwork - What are the charges when LS Brand Exposure  creates a logo with no artwork?

When LS Brand Exposure creates a logo with no artwork the charge varies. We charge $50.00 per hour.

Digitized Logo - If I provide my own digitizing logo is there a fee?

There is no digitizing fee if a usable disc is provided.

Digitizing fees vary depending on the number of stitches.

Swatch Sample

If LS Brand Exposure is asked to provide a pre-production sample of a customer's existing disc, a $25.00 charge will apply to a left chest logo size and a $50.00 charge will apply to a full back size.

Existing Digitized Logo - Can we edit a customer's existing disc?

Yes, but it will be decided at the discretion of LS Brand Exposure. A $65.00 minimum charge will be applied.