What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

If other accommodations are required feel free to contact the office at 905-532-9797.

Sizing Samples – How do I size the team or individuals?

We will have sizing sample sets sent or picked up by the customer at an additional cost.

If other accommodations are required feel free to contact the office at 905-532-9797.

Payment – What method of payment can I use to pay for my order?

HST is not included in the price and will be added on.

Prices – Are the prices quoted in Canadian or US currency?

Prices are always quoted in Canadian currency as indicated by “C” beside the dollar amount.  

Taxes- Are applicable taxes included in the price or are they extra?

We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

If other accommodations are required feel free to contact the office at 905-532-9797.

Order Processing

All orders received through the website are reviewed by our staff before they are released to production or shipping.  If any anomalies are discovered your order is held until we can contact you (usually within 1 business day) for clarification before proceeding with the order.  The delivery timeline follows after the clarification has been rectified.

How do I know you received my order?

When placing your order, be sure to check the box at the bottom of the page beside “Email confirmation” so that you will have a copy for your records before submitting your cart. Our staff will contact you (usually within 1 business day) to confirm the order and clarify any details

Embroidered Names or Numbers – When I want to put a name or number on the garments do I have to pay extra?

Yes, that charge is $5 plus HST.  This includes a single or double digit or first OR surname.  We use our standard font.

If I want to add something to my original order can I do that?

No because every order is considered a new order with a new delivery time.

Picking Up Orders – How do I know when my order is completed and where do I pick it up from?

When your order is complete, LS Brand Exposure will contact you and advise which location is best for pick up.  You will either pick up from our sales and marketing office at 100 Bass Pro Mills Dr. #44 in Concord, ON (just off HWY 400 near Vaughan Mills) or from our warehouse at 10 Bertal Rd. in Toronto, ON (HWY 400 and Black Creek Drive)

We can also make arrangements to courier orders if needed at an extra cost.

Delivery Timelines – How long does it take to get my order?

Blank Goods – 5 business days

Decorated Apparel and accessory orders – 21 business days

Custom jacket orders – 6 to 8 weeks 

Do the delivery timelines include shipping time?

The delivery timelines are FOB our factory only, shipping time is extra.

Re-Orders – How long does it take for my re-order?

Re-Order time requirements are the same delivery timelines as a regular order.  LS Brand Exposure cannot guarantee exact dye lots on re-orders.  Variance could be up to 5%.

Colour Variance – What happens if I receive my product and the colour variance is different?

LS Brand Exposure is not responsible for any colour variance.  Variance could be up to 5%.

Cancellations – What do I do if I want to cancel my order?

All orders are considered firm and cannot be cancelled without a written authorization and confirmation from LS Brand Exposure Full charges will be billed on material already completed plus a 20% re-stocking charge on orders that have not been decorated.</p >

Quotes – How long does it take for me to get a quote back?

Quotation timelines are between 1 to 2 business days.  Feel free to contact your sales rep with any questions or concerns.

Returns on Decorated Items – Can I return an item that has a logo on it?

There are no returns or refunds for any product with logos on it unless there is a manufacturer’s defect which is determined by LS Brand Exposure

Returns on Blank Goods – Can I return a blank item?

Prior to a return, all merchandise requires a Return Authorization number from LS Brand Exposure  Without a RA# written outside of the box, it will be refused and returned.  A restocking fee of 20% will apply to items returned.

Shipping Charges - How do I know what the shipping charges are?

In the Greater Vaughan Area all orders under 10lbs are shipped by Canpar with a flat fee of $15.00

If your order is over 10 lbs or you are outside of the Greater Vaughan Area, call us at 905-532-9797 for a quote.

Shipping Methods – What shipping carrier do you use?

We ship all orders using the most economical carrier.  If you have a preferred carrier, please provide the account number on your order. </p >

If you ship my order is there insurance?

If LS Brand Exposure ships your order we cover up to $100.00 Canadian currency of insurance on your order.  Anything over $100.00 Canadian currency you MUST purchase more insurance at your own cost which is approximately .90 cents per $100.00.

How do I do this?

Call LS Brand Exposure at 905-532-9797.

If my shipment gets damaged who is responsible for the shipment?

LS Brand Exposure is only responsible for shipments of $100.00 Canadian currency or less.  Anything over the value of $100.00 Canadian currency is your OWN responsibility.

International Shipments – Do we have to provide our own account number?

All international shipments will require the provision of a shipping account number. Custom charges may apply and are the receiver’s responsibility.

Disclaimer –

LS Brand Exposure cannot be liable for any customs delays or natural disasters.

Short Shipment Claims –

Short shipment claims must be made to LS Brand Exposure within 48 hours of receipt of product.

Damaged Goods-

Damaged goods are accepted on the discretion of LS Brand Exposure 

Custom Jackets have a defective warranty of up to 3 months.


LS Brand Exposure offers in house digitizing, embroidery, screening, twill sewing and embossing.  To ensure prompt delivery dates, please adhere to the following guidelines when sending artwork:

Cresting Lead Time Parameters:

Please allow 5 to 10 business days if a pre-production swatch or product proof is required.  Production times are based on receiving quality artwork.

Artwork charges - When does the customer have no artwork charges?

To have no artwork charges we require a vector file or adobe Illustrator.

Charges for artwork - When does the Customer get charged for artwork and how much?

The customer gets charged for artwork when they do not provide a vector file or an adobe illustrator file. The charge of the artwork varies depending on how detailed the logo is.  We charge $50.00 per hour.

Set Up Charges - When does a customer pay for set up charges?

Set up charges only apply to garments that are screened.  Call LS Brand Exposure at 905-532-9797 for a quote.

Charges for a logo with no artwork - What are the charges when LS Brand Exposure  creates a logo with no artwork?

When LS Brand Exposure creates a logo with no artwork the charge varies. We charge $50.00 per hour.

Digitized Logo - If I provide my own digitizing logo is there a fee?

There is no digitizing fee if a usable disc is provided.

Digitizing fees vary depending on the number of stitches.

Swatch Sample

If LS Brand Exposure is asked to provide a pre-production sample of a customer's existing disc, a $25.00 charge will apply to a left chest logo size and a $50.00 charge will apply to a full back size.

Existing Digitized Logo - Can we edit a customer's existing disc?

Yes, but it will be decided at the discretion of LS Brand Exposure  A $65.00 minimum charge will be applied.